Counter-Strike 1.6 (portable)..

I have no idea about this.. When I was browsing a site, I saw a link regarding CS(Counter-Strike). The thing that amused me was its indication saying, ‘Portable Edition’.

Portable ~ When we say a software is ‘portable’, it means that no installation is required; and you might just Copy/Paste it to another destination(can be other PC). For further explanation about portable software, ‘portable’ means that the software can run freely without depending on registry. Another good thing on portable software is everytime you reformat your PC, it won’t be affected as long as it’s saved in another drive.

Now, Counter-Strike(portable) is just 64MB! Compare to CS installation package which is approximately 100MB, CS 1.6 (portable) saves a lot of space.. Yeah!!!

- Doesn’t need to install…
- Perfect to lead in pen and play in school/work…
- Play online, and in LAN with your friends…
- Bots included…
- Almost all the maps of cs 1,6+2 new maps… (fy_iceworld, cs_bloodstrike)
- Only 64 MB…

Click image to download CS 1.6 (portable)..

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~ by reignydeyz on October 6, 2008.

62 Responses to “Counter-Strike 1.6 (portable)..”

  1. talaga portable? pero akala ko ba ayaw mo ng counter strike??? ikaw pa nga nagsabe na mas maganda yung Unreal hehehe… btw, nakakaaddict talaga yung game na iyon waahahahaha!!!

  2. :)

    We have the same surname. :D

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  4. Haha… cool! :)

  5. Very good downloading 100% legit! Shame you can’t use VAC Secure servers but meh! Put this on my memory stick and had a lan torniment at school with some friends… provided lots of fun.

    Thanks very much for the share, and too all others enjoy the download!

  6. yeeee

  7. how do u add more maps to it?

  8. 3 trojans dont dl


  10. Thx i played with my class today on lan, it was awesome

  11. its not much diff from the full verson…

    Except it saves like 2 minutes of time, you still need to extract it and stuff. takes like 2 mins to open?

  12. this works fine, you can easily put it only USB sticks and play LAN battles at school, even with the blocks and virus protection this is awesome.

  13. fucking slow rapidshare
    can you please host it somewhere else faster and free?

  14. Detected some trojans, wouldn’t recommend. There’s another version out there with no BS included, but I can’t find it ATM.

  15. bando de puta

  16. vo cume sua mae bando de fila da puta

  17. vo cume sua mae bando de fila da puta {1}

  18. Why cant i play with my friends from home to home through internet?

  19. does this work?

  20. Anu Byan Di gumagana =(

  21. guys, you can download it here:

    • hey awesome i downloaded it and it fully works theres also zm maps added cool man thanks!

  22. send me it

  23. There is a virus inside the DATOS.exe, which extract the CS files.
    However, I have a sanitized version of this, which is about 200MB when uncompressed.

  24. something wont work!!!!!!but….THE GAME IS COOOOOOL!

  25. The main executable (Portable_CS1.6.exe) unpacks 2 files to C:\Windows\temp\RarSFX, called DATOS.exe (maps and stuff) and ZeroX.exe (Launcher).

    You can see DATOS.exe and ZeroX.exe if you unpack it with 7zip or WinRAR.

    The file DATOS.exe is also an archive, and if you unpack this file too, your virusscanner will find 3 infected files, like vstdlib.dll.

    If you check these files on VirusTotal or Jotti, you’ll see there infected. You can replace them with clean files from the Half-Life/Counter-Strike SDK, and the game works perfectly.

    Conclusion: when your Virusscanner says it found a virus, it isn’t a false positive, but it’s real.
    I will soon upload the version that’s clean, but in the meantime I recommend people they DO NOT USE THIS.


  26. thanks for the comments.. btw, i really wonder if contains viruses because when i install it, my antivirus doesn’t even prompt me that there’s a malicious file(virus)..

    keep on posting comments.. as an acknowledgement, i assure you that all your comments will be reviewed.. but please be generous..

    thanks.. ;)

  27. how to add maps?

  28. i have all these things in my portable c strike file but every time i try and load it, it just extracts every time, i thought you only need one button to press., i have extracted every thing, what do i do to play it with out having to re extract it

  29. it has a Trojan on the launcher

  30. ive been looking for cs 1.6 portable for so long now. this is the BEST MAN!!! thanks alot cheers

  31. How to add maps into The CS portable? I heard when u execute the file, it opens some kinda program. Then you can put maps inside. Its like a folder isn’t?

  32. hey, any1 can explain, why the settings doesnt save, like audio video, name settings, it doesnt save, also i have some game crash while playing, about 5% of my gameplay have errors, any1 know how to fix

  33. first and foremost there is no virus, trojan, etc. in this game. don’t complain and enjoy the wonders of pwning your friends at school.

  34. Sounds good, downloading now :) Cheers guys.

  35. What are the system requirements for this?

  36. Can you put other maps on it???

  37. This is very good:

  38. wooowww .. very nice .. tnx

  39. hey,some guy was playin cs in school and well, we cant really install stuff on those computers,..i wondered how..and THIS!!..THANKS MAN..REALLY APPRICIATE

  40. rapidshare is free, idiots. just hit free user and then wait for the timer to finish counting and you can download for free

  41. Nice Good

  42. yeah good. i like this game, its wonderfull. there was the maps etc. in . but may be it is not english.

  43. i cant play CS portable when i open it it wont open to the game help me PLZ

  44. can it be played on the psp?

  45. LOL heaps of filo people play this


  47. thanks for the comment very helpful


  49. how do u add maps 2 portable cs i cant find any maps 2 download 4 this :(

  50. can teach me how to create servers and join servers through LAN please???? im new. please teach me

  51. I cant find online games

  52. Heres the new cs 1.6 update (With GunGame)

    Its basicly the same but this one has 59 mb and gun game in it
    Have Fun Playing!

  53. fvrgrfgf

  54. fhhh

  55. tanga

  56. not need to install more relmente q so bad in my maps provided 3, are: (fy_iceworld, cs_bloodstrike, dust)
    worth more!

  57. i

  58. rsyutrdyer

  59. Im still looking for de_nuke witch doesnt exist in neither of the versions. But even though i miss nuke this is the most awesome thing i have ever seen<33333 thx

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